Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight

Using Visualization, Hypnosis and Other Cool Tricks

"Hi, I’m Kathy Lindert, and I would love to help you quit smoking and get healthy."

I have been exactly where you are now: scared to quit. I wasn’t sure I could do it. I was afraid I’d get fat. How would I handle cravings? What about withdrawals? The list of worries (or excuses) went on and on and on.

But I did it. I quit. And so can you.

I’ve helped thousands of men and women just like you quit smoking and get healthy. The tools and tricks I teach help you in minutes, and the best part is I have it all laid out in writing, in a video and as an audio so you can take these tools with you anywhere to help you when you most need it.

You’re going to feel and breathe better. You’re going to look healthier and save money because you quit smoking! Your family and friends will be so happy for you because you put yourself and them first!

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The Benefits Of Smoking – Absolutely Nothing!

Your Love – Hate Relationship with Cigarettes

Looking For Help To Quit Smoking?

These three chapters will give you new ideas and inspirations to prepare yourself to quit and make it stick.

These 3 detailed and informative chapters will give you smart strategies to help you throw out those cigarettes and take charge or your life. Plus, they’ll give you a shot of confidence to stick to your plan and stay a non-smoker.

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I know that this is scary, but remember, I have been there. You are not alone with your fears. I’m here to show you how to take charge of your fear.

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