You are ready to do this now!

Ready to take the next steps to being a non-smoker.

To being free and to see that YOU CAN QUIT SMOKING!

I know that you are scared!  I know you have tried other ways to quit and I know you’re not afraid to take “bold action” or you wouldn’t be on this reading this right now.  You’ve waited so long for a more step-by-step, easy to follow approach that appreciates the effort you’re putting in to quitting smoking, and now can see those efforts with VISIBLE results.

Before you do, here is what you can expect to get to help you quit.

Get started with COMPLETE confidence, without second-guessing whether or not the tricks you’re implementing will work for you, they have helped thousands and you will find a few that will work for you too!

You will find step by step guidelines to help you get started today and to be able to quit when you are ready.  This program will guide you to see the end results that you deserve, to be a non-smoker and healthy…happy too!  You have triggers that “make you want a cigarette” and together we change all that.  I show you step by step how to overcome those morning cigarettes, the ones in the car, when you want to take a break or you are done eating and don’t know what to do.  Together we make it happen.

Each stage of your journey you will find guidelines, tricks and techniques, motivational posters to have with you and recordings to help you each step of the way.

In the end, when you quit on your quit date, you will have the strength and the confidence to know

You Can Do This!

You will see yourself being more in control of your emotions and reactions and you will love it!

The best part of this program is you can do it one day, one week, or as long as you need it.  It is yours for life as long as you are in good standings.

First you will receive your Ready to Quit PDF’s – Picking your quit date, Letter to myself, Letter to my family and friends, and Your Reason Why You Are Quitting Reminder.

Next is dealing with your Triggers – First thing in the morning, outside the house, in the garage, with coffee, after a meal, in the car, etc.  Each trigger will have a quick trick for you to use to help you STOP and NOT SMOKE.  These tricks or techniques will also change your thoughts and have you in control of your thoughts and the way you now react. You will realize that just because you think about a cigarette doesn’t mean you have to react to that thought.

Dealing with your love hate relationship with cigarettes.  You will realize how much power you have given to your cigarettes.  Your feelings of losing a friend or even your crutch to deal with life will come out and you will say your goodbyes to your cigarettes.  You will start to see what cigarettes really are, just a thing that is taking your money, your time, making your loved ones feel second best and making your body unhealthy.

Changing your language is one of the most important steps.  When you say you can you can, when you say you can’t you are correct!  Together we work on your new power words and watch how your mind and body changes.  You will be amazed by just changing a word or two you become confident, stronger in your resolve and continue on your journey.

You will not substitute food or anything else that will harm you.  You will learn how to fuel your body and your mind so that you feel better, and the food that you eat will help to remove the poisons and toxins, plus keep your mind and body strong!

Lots of Guest speakers for you to watch either live or whenever you need them.

You will have videos and mp3’s to help you throughout the day and night.  Some will be for driving while others are for relaxing your mind and body.  There will be hypnosis recordings as well to help you change your thoughts and except the new way you are going to live, eat and feel!

The videos and recordings will help you to change your thinking and change your reactions.

Throughout the program you will be invited to some live Q&A’s to help you along with your goals.

When you’ve quit, dealing with life after quitting.  You will be invited to other live sessions or see videos from experts to help you stay the course for life!

This program is for you for life, as long as you are in good standings.

Why wait?  There’s no better time to quit like today.  Stop paying the corporations your hard-earned money and start taking back your life!