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How To Choose The Right Self Storage Unit

How to Choose the Right Self Storage Unit

Choosing the right self-storage unit requires a bit of planning so that you don’t end up renting a box that is too big or too small to accommodate your belongings. You can start by creating a list of items that you plan to store. Even in a scenario when you have to keep the contents of an entire household in temporary storage units, start listing the items because not all of them will be of the same size and weight.

Besides, some items could easily get damaged when placed on top of one another. Avoid such scenarios by creating a list that specifies the total number of items, the place they might occupy based on which you can make a decision. The storage services are usually versatile as the company may offer you units in different sizes, with 5×5 being the smallest while 10×30 is the largest of them all, designed for three or four bedroom houses.

The unit size should also be determined based on the storage period because if you are going to keep your goods packed for months, they may need extra ventilation for better protection. Besides, it will also make it easy to access some items in case you need them in between the lease period. Consider arranging the items in a sample box so that you can see how much space they occupy when stacked together.

Choosing the Unit

While free moving quotes are focused on helping your relocate those items, you may need a storage unit quote in case you are going to store some or all of them for a particular period. Visit the company and ask the representative to show you a sample box to assess the space it might offer. A trained expert is more than capable of assessing your requirement if you simply explain the nature of goods in your household.

In special scenarios, one may need cold containers or air tight boxes to safeguard their items. Such situations are rare but if you find yourself in one, make sure to specify your requirement to the service provider as these units may cost more than the conventional ones. Based on the facilities provided by the company, the charges will go higher. Additional features such as online inventory, ability to access items in between the agreement period and special units will add up to your budget. Make sure to avail them only when necessary.

The Right Size

A typical 5’x5’ storage unit should be more than enough for most short term requirements. If you have a bunch of clothes, foldable furniture, documents and items to be stored, this unit will help you get it done. For a household with one or two bedrooms, a 10’x10’ or 10’x15’ unit is mandatory whereas larger units are needed either for a big home or for commercial storage.

Planning ahead will help you save costs when renting these units so that you could pay only for the services you avail rather than ending up with unused space. Make use of these tips and rent the unit that is a right fit for you.