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How to Move Your Garden

How to Move Your Garden

While professional moving companies offer a lot of packages and services, finding one that may help you move your garden is not easy. Even if you manage to do so, make sure you play an integral role in safeguarding your plants before the big day and keep them in a secure environment until they reach the proposed destination.

The Role of a Company

The role playing by a service provider in moving your garden is immense but they are limited by what you ask them to do. If you ask them for a quote and hire a truck, they may usually assign the ones required based on the size of your home. If you have many huge plants to be transported in good condition, you have to specify the size of the plants so that they could be prepared.

Besides, it is mandatory that the owner of the garden spend enough time in uprooting them from the soil, keeping them in moist condition indoors days before actual relocation. The experts will only be responsible for safely loading them into the truck and unloading them back in the new residence. Their job doesn’t involve keeping the leaves moist or planting those in a new garden but it is a task that has to be undertaken by the owner.

Tips on packing your Garden

By garden, most companies and individuals mean a collection of small or big plants that one may own. It is not easy to transport layers of grass in which you can you can usually ask a lawn specialist to help move them than doing it on your own. As they have prior experience in shifting layers of lawns, they will have much better idea of how to transport them without spoiling their quality.

When packing your plants, make sure you support those using small sticks. Use the sticks on the sides, especially for large plants because they have to be upright at all times to survive the move. Keep them hydrated so that they don’t die when stored for long hours inside the truck. Use a sprayer can to moisten the leaves with cold water which will help keep them stress free.

Keep your pots inside cardboard boxes or cartons. Cover them using newspapers on all sides so that they don’t entangle with one another. The boxes will ensure that the pots don’t slide within the truck during transportation. When loading them, always load the plants towards the end of the door so that they have enough air to breath throughout the journey.

It also helps them avoid being crushed by other household items. You can also consider using towels or wrapping paper on the floor so that the trucks are not spoiled in case there is a spill. For long distance moving, expose the plants to sunlight for at least four to six hours.

The instant moving quote provided by a company usually covers both household items and a small garden but it is your job to make sure they are packed properly. Just instruct the movers on the right way to load them into the truck and they will help you transport them in a safe manner.