Military Moving

Military Relocation

Military life means moving, whether its temporary duty or a PCS move. Moving to a new duty station requires working closely with the transportation office and a local moving company.

We assist military members and their families by providing:

A stress-free military relocation Information designed to help organize every detail of the move. Remember to ask your transportation counselors to select North Vanlines when arranging your next move!

Military Moving Company Services

Compared to home moving solutions, military moving company services often focus on out of country relocation because it is an essential service most personnel in the army may require. The same goes for navy and air force personnel as well who has a requirement to shift bases from time to time. Be it within the country or out of it, North van lines can handle it with professional ease.

With plenty of work to do, you may or may not have the time to do a detailed review of each company. Save your time by going through the testimonials in their official site. It makes it easy to guess the quality of their service. There aren’t too many companies that does military relocations making it easier to pick one. With the few available, read reviews posted by others who may have had a positive experience. Hire them, move your goods and the job will be done much earlier than you expected it to be.

Packing and Moving

When packing goods, it is always advisable to start early. The extra time will allow you to sort them properly and provide additional layer of sheets for fragile items. Make sure to use labels and markers to keep track of the cartons. The moving company quotes moving company quotes will usually include the cost for loading and unloading them in the desired location. Packing may incur extra charges.

However, if you are on a tight budget and like to keep things as inexpensive as possible, doing it on your own is the way to go. Besides, there are no furniture or other huge items for military personnel to carry. It makes it much easier for the movers to do the job within a day or less.

Storage Options

A long distance moving company will usually offer storage options and you can avail them if required. In most scenarios, people may have to travel to multiple states or cities to meet their dear ones before going back to base. The goods could be packed much earlier and you could avail temporary storage solutions until the moving day arrives. On the actual day, just instruct the company men to start rolling. They will deliver it to the location where you want it to be.

The service is not only available for individuals but military families can also make use of it. They always get the best discounts and have complete control over the move. There is the option to pack some of the items to ship them back home or shift their entire household belongings to a new state so as to be with their partner. You can avail customized solutions from the team.

Talk to the moving company executive who will be more than ready to help you out with it. They will provide the possible solutions, the quotes for the move and will finalize the one that fits your requirement appropriately. It’s always about customer satisfaction and the company will do its best for you.